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Plus-A-Tee - Hello World

Indie Rock London, UK single 09 Apr - 01 Jan $100,000
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Plus-A-Tee - Hello World

Crowdfunding Campaign
Funding Progress ($99,920 more needed to reach campaign goal)
$0 Goal ($100,000)
Timeframe & Deadline (381 days to go)
Start Day 681 Day 1363


1 Marianne Johansson 13 Apr 2016 $40
2 Marianne Johansson 13 Apr 2016 $40

Plus-A-Tee · Hello World (single)

Welcome to Plus-A-Tee! This is our example campaign using a fake band and album name. Pledging to this campaign is possible, but keep in mind that you will receive no music for doing so. Instead, any money pledged to this campaign will be considered a donation to the site.

You will, however, receive a Plus-A-Tee t-shirt if you pledge at least $40!


So what is Plus-A-Tee? Media platforms like Soundcloud or YouTube has dramatically helped the discovery factor among upcoming artists today, but there is still a long way left to make a living. With Plus-A-Tee the road from discovery to having a tangible product in the market is immediate.

You don’t need a label: you are the label. All distribution channels today are free, and feedback from your fans is instant. This is why we created Plus-A-Tee. When you upload your demo to Soundcloud or YouTube, start a campaign on Plus-A-Tee and get your fans involved from day one. With Plus-A-Tee you can raise funds by allowing your fans to pledge an amount, and in return get your album plus a t-shirt. Your fans will be listening to your next album in their favourite band's t-shirt.

About Plus-A-Tee

The mission is simple: we want to make it easier for artists and musicians to make a living doing what they love. As former musicians ourselves we know exactly how hard it is to survive in this business. You need people to support you, and the primary source of income is your music and any peripherals you create in the form of t-shirts, badges, etc. For decades artists and bands have been setting up merch tables at their live gigs. Plus-A-Tee is the digital equivalent of that.